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10 species of flowers are both rare and beautiful

In the world, there are many beautiful flowers but increasingly disappear due to the impact of the environment. Overcoming 27,000 candidates, here are 10 species of flowers that are both rare and beautiful. Let's see how many species of our orchids are and where they are located

Flowers are the most wonderful gifts that nature gives to man. Currently in the world there are more than 270,000 types of flowers. Some flowers only bloom in specific seasons or even after decades. Many flowers come from remote regions of the world and have yet to be discovered. Here is a list of 10 most beautiful and rare flowers in the world.

10. Kadupul Flower

Rareness and pristine beauty are the features that make Kadupul flowers so special. This rare flower is mainly found in the forests of Sri Lanka. Only a few people have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Kadupul flowers because they bloom only in the middle of the night and die before dawn.

Flowering will take place only in very specific cases. This is a flower with an extremely pleasant aroma and is also one of the highest priced species due to their short lifespan. Up to now, no botanist has been able to give an accurate explanation about the sudden death of this flower.

9. Jelly flowers

Jelly flower scientific name is Silene tomentosa, found only in Gibraltar - a territory of England. Rhinestones is a flower that blooms at night, has a mild fragrance with a rather short lifespan. Interestingly, in 1992, the botanists at Gibraltar officially declared that there were no remaining heather, this flower was completely extinct. But two years later, in 1994, a climber on the Gibraltar cliffs found the heather flowers that still exist in the harsh environment. Today, these rare flowers can only be seen in the botanical gardens of Gibraltar and London, but the number of flowers is also very small.

8. Ghost orchids

Ghost orchid is a rare flower with the shape of a spider, they live in Cuba and Florida. This flower is only grown in a few areas with the environment suitable for their growth. That makes ghost orchids quite rare. Interestingly, this plant does not have a single leaf. Both their stems and flowers are green, so it is difficult to identify.

Because there are no leaves, ghost orchids cannot absorb nutrients on their own. They have to rely on other plants to get enough energy to live. Ghost orchids only bloom for three weeks, between April and August. This flower also emits a soap-like odor during the blooming period. Because ghost orchids need to grow in places with high humidity and high temperature, they cannot be found anywhere other than Cuba and Florida.

7. Chocolate Marigold

The Chocolate Marigold is one of the most beautiful and rare flowers native to Mexico. They are named Chocolate because when blooming, this flower emits a scent similar to this sweet candy. Chocolate Marigold is dark red or brown in color. This particular flower only blooms in late summer evenings. Unfortunately, only one copy of this flower exists today, created by regeneration of plants 100 years ago. Today's Chocolate marigolds are protected by law.

6. Parrot's beak flower

The parrot flower is one of the most beautiful flowers of all time that one can find in the world, originating from the Canary Islands. The flowers are curved like a parrot's beak, which is why they are called the parrot's beak. This flower blooms best in spring weather when the sun is overwhelming. But we missed the beauty of the parrot flower for a short time. Currently, only a few individuals of this flower exist. The disappearance of the parrot flowered flower began in 1884. The flowers that exist today on the Canary Islands are strictly protected by law.

5. Udumbara flowers

The mystery behind the development and involvement in Buddhism makes the Udumbara flower the most popular flower in the world. They also have another name is Udumbara flower. It is said that the Udumbara flowers bloom only once every 3,000 years. Legend has it that every time the flower bloom is a sign of Buddha's rebirth, that is why flowers bloom once every 3,000 years.

Udumbara does not actually look much like a flower because they are so small, they smell like sandalwood. Mr. Ding - a Chinese farmer was one of the first to discover this wonderful flower. This flower can be seen in China, Korea, Taiwan and the US if you are really lucky. There are many researchers trying to find out the mystery of this flower.

4. Female bodyguard

The yellow and purple female bodyguards are special members of the orchid family, mainly found in London and other parts of Europe. It is extremely rare to find a combination of yellow and purple in this female bodyguard. The yellow part makes up three-quarters of the whole flower and the rest is purple. Because of its incredible rarity and flawless beauty, this yellow and purple female comedy is extremely expensive in the market. That is why this flower is also protected by London law.

3. Flower rot

The scavenger flower is the largest and most fragrant flower in the world. It smelled like rotting flesh. This flower can only be found on a few islands in Indonesia, in the low rainforests. Rotten flowers only bloom every 30 to 40 years. The leaves of the plant can grow to more than 6 m tall. The corpse flowers are green on the outside and dark red on the inside. Because of the scarcity of trees, botanical gardens (mainly in Sumatra, Indonesia) protect this species under the protection of the law.

2. Green tiger nails

The green tiger's claw is a rare flower of the Bean family. They can only be found in the rain forests of the Philippines. The blue tiger claw-shaped flowers can grow up to 3 m. The color of this flower is also extremely beautiful, from blue to bright green. Occasionally, green tiger claws are pollinated by bats, giving us a wonderful sight because of their ability to glow at night. Its ability to naturally pollinate and constantly change environmental conditions makes the green tiger's nail considered a rare flower.

1. Camellia

The camellia tree is the rarest flower in the world when only two individuals remain. You can only see this rare flower in New Zealand's botanical gardens and greenhouses in the UK. John Middlemist - a young man brought this wonderful plant from China to England in 1804. Then this flower completely disappeared in China and planted in gardens in London. The camellia looks quite like a dark pink rose. It also took botanists a long time to find flowers that are related to the camellia species.

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