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30 kinds of rare and precious orchids - Vietnam Association of Orchids

Lan Thao Ken

This is one of the rarest orchids in Vietnam thanks to its brilliant beauty. The scientific name is Dendrobium Lituiflorum, the trunk is quite large compared to other forest orchids, often drooping as the tree matures. The average length of the stem falls on 50-80 cm.


precious forest orchid

This beautiful forest orchid blooms   at the end of winter every year, blooms in quite large clusters, very fragrant and long-lasting. The size of each flower is about 6-7 cm, a small bunch has 2-3 flowers.

beautiful orchid

Is one of  the types of forest orchids that are easy to grow  , but it depends on the weather in each place. There is information that each plant of Thao Ken costs from 2 to 3 million. It is because of the expensiveness and rarity of this wild orchid that it is intended to be mass cultured to minimize hunting density.

Lan Tran Tuan

This forest orchid is named after expert Tran Tuan Anh because he is the one who discovered and successfully raised this flower. In addition, people also call this the Purple Tongue Hoang Thao because of the purple color in the middle of the flower. Each tree costs about 2 million VND depending on the level of flowers at the time of purchase, but the selling price will be different.

beautiful forest orchids

This type of Vietnamese forest orchid was found by the king of orchids Tran Tuan Anh in 2001 but was only recognized in 2003. The trunk is 15-20 cm high, has 4-14 nodes, is 8-12 cm long. Each flower is about 4-5 cm wide. Flowers bloom in the spring every year, with white at the edge of the petals, the deeper the flower's center, the darker purple it is.

Lan Tram Purple

Orchids are also known as Dendrobium Nestor, which is one of  the precious orchids  with high economic value. Hybrid between Gia Hac orchid and purple Hoang Thao orchid, this orchid has a brilliant and seductive beauty. As long as you have enough knowledge, growing Agarwood orchids is not too difficult.

The most beautiful orchid flower

With a gentle fragrance, this is one of the wild orchids that bloom on Tet that is sought after by florists. The striking purple and pink color will increase the cozy Tet atmosphere in the family. If you are a lover of  Vietnamese wild orchids  , you cannot ignore this flower.

Lan Don Orange

The full name of Don Cam orchid is Hoang Thao Don Cam. This is a wild orchid originating from Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. Lan Don oranges are often grown in areas with cool climates such as Kon Tum, Gia Lai, etc.

the most beautiful orchid

The vibrant orange color of the flowers is especially appealing to players. Sometimes the flowers turn the color of cockroach wings. The petals of this forest orchid are small, long and curved, with ridges in the middle, and very attractive milky orange feathers. The stem is 10-15 cm tall and has only 3-4 leaves. Flowers usually bloom from February to the end of May, with a light scent like crayon.

beautiful forest orchids

Growing Don Orange  orchids as well as other orchids  need coolness, stable temperature, not too hot nor too cold, lots of light to facilitate photosynthesis and synthesis of substances.

Lan Jia Crane

As one of the  rarest  and most sought after orchids in Vietnam, Gia Hac orchid is also known as Phi Diep Tim orchid. Gia Hac has a variety of types depending on each region. This beautiful orchid grows at an altitude of 1000-1300m in the forests of Da Lat, Song Be, Do Luong, etc.

Forest orchids

Orchids only bloom within 7-10 days, when the flowers fade, there is still a fragrance. Although easy to look at, this type of forest orchid is quite picky about the soil and where it is planted. As one of the rare forest orchids that bloom on Tet holiday, many flower players welcome them.

The most beautiful forest orchids

There was once a sale of Gia Hac Ma Bo orchid basket in Lam Dong worth up to 5 billion VND causing a stir among orchid players. So the new species of rare forest orchids have high economic value to what extent. Just like, people playing orchids can pay large sums of money for a basket of orchids.

Lan Kieu Det

Another beautiful and rare orchid that is also hunted by many people is the flat Kieu orchid, also known as the flat Thuy Tien. This type of forest orchid is found a lot in Laos, Thailand, and the Himalayas at a range of 5000 - 1000 m, so it is quite rare. Each weight costs from 500,000 and up.

Forest orchids

Lan Kieu flat blooms in spring, has bright yellow color, light fragrance. Flowers bloom in clusters, drooping so they look very beautiful. Each flower is not too big, only about 25 cm, but due to the clustering, it is very bright, eye-catching and is considered one of the  precious orchids .

The most beautiful forest orchids

Vietnamese wild orchids need meticulous care, especially paying attention to the moisture of the stump, otherwise it is very susceptible to pests, or tree death. Therefore, the most  common types of forest orchids  are those that are easy to grow and popular, and the price is not too high.

Orchids Gold

Belonging to the list of rare forest orchids in Vietnam, Agarwood orchid has a brilliant beauty and captivates viewers. This beautiful forest orchid has a rather passionate aroma, not as faint as other flowers.

forest orchid

Orchids are often planted in small pots, not attached to the wood. When mature, the plant is quite small in size, with large, flattened and long leaves. Flowers bloom in March - May every year. The flower is medium in size, bright yellow, slightly glossy on the inside of the petals and has a prominent brown color on the pistil.

Vietnamese forest orchids

Precious orchids like Golden Agarwood need special care. Should not water too much because orchid soil is moist soil, should only be watered once or twice a week in the form of misting. Although it is difficult to care for, when you see the first flower bloom, you will understand why there are people who love flowers so much.

Lan Long Tu Laos

This is a precious orchid flower in Vietnam that is highly appreciated by florists. Flowers have strange shapes, different from   other rare forest orchids . The trunk of Long Tu Lao orchid is small, round and about 30 - cm long, drooping deeply.

Common types of forest orchids

This beautiful orchid has   round flowers, small and long petals wrapped around the very large and bright yellow pistil. When blooming, the flowers form clusters that hang down to the ground and look very eye-catching. In addition, this flower also has a pretty clear scent.

Names of forest orchids

Beautiful forest orchids like Long Tu Laos have a high price, from a few hundred to a few million dong per kilogram. For florists, to get a rarest orchid, the amount of money spent is not small, even up to billions of dong.

Lan Truc Phat Ba

The names of  beautiful and precious forest orchids  are often based on the morphology and characteristics of the tree, as the English name of this rare forest orchid is Dendrobium Pendulum. Petals are flattened, pointed at the top and spread wide with three colors of white, yellow, and purple that combine to create a beautiful orchid.

names of orchids

The stem is quite large compared to cotton, consisting of many short segments connected quite evenly. Phat Ba bamboo orchids have a beautiful form, so they are grown indoors or out in the garden for decorative purposes. This Vietnamese forest orchid blooms   from late winter to spring, fragrant flowers, 4-7 cm large.

Vietnamese forest orchids

To take care of precious flowers in Vietnam needs a wide and thorough understanding. The same goes for Phat Ba bamboo, when planting, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature around the tree, otherwise it will be difficult to flower in the right season.

Lan Ngoc Diem

As a species of forest orchid in Vietnam that is sought after by many people, Ngoc Diem orchid has a rather large trunk, many beautiful leaves that cross each other. Ngoc Diem orchids grow in small clusters from round, light purple or dark purple flowers.

list of orchids

When the tree blooms in the right season, it will create a very beautiful and eye-catching multi-level purple area. This beautiful and precious orchid is often used by the giants and people to hang high in the garden and take care of it very carefully.

The most beautiful orchid flower

As a beautiful forest orchid, it can withstand quite high temperatures, up to 37 degrees Celsius, but you still need to pay attention to the humidity of the tree. In the summer or hot days, the tree needs to be watered a lot, especially when the new plant has young roots.

Lan Giang Huong Hong Nhan

This beautiful forest orchid is listed in the Red Book of Vietnam because of its beauty and rare genetic resources. The habitat of this orchid is tropical forests with many trees, high humidity, especially trees found at an altitude of 1000 - 1800m, so it is quite difficult to get a natural Christmas.

The most beautiful orchid flower

Lan Giang Huong Hong Nhan is an epiphytic, can be up to 30 cm tall, relatively many leaves, each leaf blade is about 12-45 cm long. Flowers grow in clusters, clusters, attached to a branch of the plant, at least as long as the leaves. When it blooms, it will have a pale purple color that fades from the petals to the pistil.

The most beautiful orchid

Spring is the most beautiful time for flowers to bloom, moreover, this orchid is fragrant and keeps for a long time. As one of  the popular forest orchids  thanks to its moisture-loving and easy-to-grow properties, it is very popular with orchid players.

Lan Tuyet Nhung

This is one of the most beautiful forest orchids in Vietnam and is welcomed by many orchid players. There are 4 types of orchids Tuyet Nhung, people divide  the names of these orchids in Vietnam  based on their morphology and color: Tuyet Nhung Giun (Dark), Tuyet Nhung Vang (Hoang Nhung), Tuyet Nhung Tran (Phoenix) Vy) and Tuyet Nhung Viet – found in Ha Giang.

beautiful orchids

Most of Tuyet Nhung orchids are red, only Tuyet Nhung Vang has other colors. Depending on the type, the length of the trunk can be up to 2 - 5 m. Petals are small, long, blooming in all directions. Orchid players often grow this plant in a shady, cool place and always pay attention to humidity.

Lan Hanh Averyanov

As one of the  most beautiful orchids  in Vietnam, Lan Hanh Averyanov is the most beautiful orchid for many people. Possessing a special flower shape, it does not bloom like other precious orchids but bunches like a flower bud.

The most beautiful forest orchids

The plant flowers in May, the flower cluster grows at the base of the tree that has deciduous the previous year, the leaves are flattened and long, slightly curved. Than In Vietnam has only been met at the standard sampling point in Gia Lai.

Names of beautiful forest orchids

Lan Long Hiep

This precious Vietnamese orchid has   a rather special shape, similar to a Vietnamese lotus bud, but much smaller and can only be found at the standard sampling point in Gia Lai. It is emphasized as a rare species and listed in the Red Book of Vietnam, so if you want to own this wild orchid, it will be very difficult.

types of orchids

The trunk swells every year, the length is only about 4-5 cm. The flower is bud, lotus bud, the petal is about 3.5 cm long and has a light brown color mixed with cockroach wings. In January or February, the plant will flower.

Lan Kim Tuyen Sapa

As a rare and precious forest flower listed in the Vietnam Red Book, Sapa Kim Tuyen orchid is distributed in places such as Sapa, Thua Thien - Hue in Vietnam. Poachers often find and uproot the entire tree, causing this species to gradually mistake for extinction.

Lan Kim Tuyen Sapa has a cow body about 12 - 20 cm long, the leaves are light red with small hollow veins. The small inflorescence consists of interlaced pale pink flowers. There is a saying that implies that when you play orchids, you play the leaves and then the flowers. Therefore, Sapa Kim Tuyen orchid is sought after thanks to its beautiful leaf shape.

The most beautiful orchid flower

Flowers usually bloom in October - December every year, bud and seed to regenerate. Flowers can be found in deep forests at an altitude of 1500 - 1800 m. When caring, pay attention to the moisture of the plant because orchids are very sensitive and susceptible to disease.

Three Teeth Jellyfish Orchid

This is a species of orchids belonging to the most beautiful forest orchids in Vietnam. The tree is not tall, only about 12 cm, but it is very beautiful. Each plant will have 5-6 leaves, 3-5 cm long, half the width. Above is a very beautiful and eye-catching pattern.

The flowers of the Three-Tooth Jellyfish orchid are pale pink or white, and there are 3 elongated teeth on the lips of the petals. Currently only found in Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc), so it is very rare thanks to the beauty of leaves and flowers. In addition, the flower is also used as a very useful medicine.

Evrard Orchids

There are many names for this flower, but usually the names of forest orchids are quite loud and beautiful. Like orchids Cau Diep Evrard is also known as orchids Tixier.

The most beautiful orchid flower

This rare orchid has a small trunk, long foliage, quite large compared to the trunk. Flowers grow in small clusters, each cluster consists of 4-6 flowers. Petals small, long, pointed at the tip and tapered towards the pistil. When blooming, it will form small bunches of light yellow color that are very gentle on the eyes, suitable for ornamental planting.

Lan Nuoc Son Tra

Also known as the discrete password orchid, this rare and beautiful forest orchid lives on the trunks of trees at an altitude of 300-400 m. Distributed mainly in Son Tra (Da Nang), belonging to the rare forest orchids and recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam.

The stem of Son Tra Nucifera is quite short, only about 7-10 cm long, it is lance-shaped with a length of 7-8 cm. Flowers in clusters, 14 - 15 cm long, have an eye-catching dark purple color, petals are smaller, only about 5.5 * 3 mm. This species is in danger of extinction, so it is of great concern to the plant protection boards.

Lan Thanh Dam

This is one of the  most beautiful orchids today , used as ornamental plants in families who love flowers and nature. The tree was found in Lam Dong at an altitude of 1400 - 2150 m, so it is difficult to get this flower again.

Flowers grow in small flowers, white with a little green at the stem. The trunk is quite large, so it is used as an ornamental plant quite a lot. However, due to high hunting status, it gradually becomes less and is in danger of extinction like   other rare forest orchids .

The most beautiful orchid

There is a small note for first-time orchid players that today's wild orchids are often grafted and raised in the garden, so not all flower pots can keep their original beauty. As a longtime orchid player, you must understand that orchids are most beautiful when they are in the right place – deep forest.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.