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6 types of air-purifying plants in the living room

Tiger tongue, betel nut, golden fortune, wealth, magnolia... are easy-care plants, suitable for placing in the living room to help purify the air and create a cool feeling.

Doctor Huynh Tan Vu, Head of the Day Treatment Unit, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital 3, said that placing trees in the living room helps to soften the boundary between inside and outside the house. Besides, blue brings inspiration from nature, purifying the air.

"Trees and flowers in the living room affect us through sight and smell, thereby making people's moods and emotions better, easier to achieve more success," said Doctor Tan Vu. .

According to Dr. Vu, the living room is different from the bedroom and kitchen because it has more light, a larger area, and is the main space of the house. Therefore, homeowners can choose plants of large size, bright colors to create attraction, and prioritize plants that are easy to grow, easy to care for, and rarely watered. Choose plants for the living room according to your preferences, or according to feng shui - plants are believed to bring luck, prosperity, and health.

"Decorate trees in the living room with the criteria of being practical, beautiful and useful, and purifying the air well," said Dr. Vu.

According to the expert's suggestion, should choose succulent plants, thick leaves, little need for watering, suitable for limited light and temperature conditions of the living room.

Tiger tongue

Tiger tongue has the advantage of not needing too much light, green striped leaves, yellow borders brighten the space, little watering needs. In addition, tiger tongue also works to filter the air, remove toxins in the house.

The tiger lily plant is easy to care for and helps purify the air. Photo: Le Cam

Betel nut with sawed leaves

This plant has large, dark green leaves, deeply lobed, very strange and beautiful leaves. The plant is easy to grow and care for. Many people believe that the vitality of this tree is durable, symbolizing long-term health, luck and peace.

Kim thrives

Kim Phat Fortune has thick, glossy, green leaves, a balanced canopy, symbolizing vitality and full of energy.


Honeysuckle has a cylindrical stem, smooth green leaves, low light requirements. In addition to the meaning of feng shui to bring luck and fortune, honeysuckle also helps the living room space more green, fresh, and air purifier.

Fortune (set magnolia)

This is a woody plant, with elongated leaves concentrated at the top of the tree, easy to care for, low light requirements. They can well remove some toxins in the air such as carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene, formallhelyde... to bring fresh air.


The rich leaves have two red and green colors that combine to create an impression for the living room. The rich tree also has the effect of purifying the air, absorbing volatile organic substances, reducing smoke and dust, helping homeowners feel relaxed, reducing stress..

In addition, according to Dr. Vu, some trees with large size and beautiful shape such as ornamental coconuts, areca palm, palm trees, Singapore eagles, and bananas are also suitable for the living room space.

Besides, fresh flowers are also a good choice, displaying fragrant flowers, bright colors to brighten up the living space. Flowers such as roses, lavender ... bring relaxation, reduce stress or a pot of rosemary emitting a warm aroma will bring a different atmosphere.

Dr. Vu noted that when growing indoor plants, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of each type of plant and flower with appropriate care to keep the plants lush. Do not leave plants and flowers withered in the living room. It is necessary to place plants and flower pots in a fixed and firm position, to avoid falling or naughty children that will cause accidents. Place a dish on the bottom of the pot so that the water does not drip onto the floor.

"Shouldn't plant some poisonous plants to avoid pets or curious children eating them, such as millennia, oleander," the doctor recommended.

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