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Bach Nhan Christmas incense: Orchids have the most seductive scent

The Amphibian orchid (also known as Dendrobium formosum or Aerides odorata var alba) is one of the most attractive orchid species. In this article, Vietnam Bird Park will provide all necessary information about this flower for flower lovers to have the best overview.

Shape of Christmas orchid Bach Nhan flavor

Bach Nhan orchids are native to many places, especially many in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, trees grow mainly on the Annamite Mountains. Here are some of the features to identify the shape of a tree
Leaf: Bach Nhan is a single-stem species, leaves are very thick and quite hard. Trees have large trunks from 0.6cm to 1.2cm depending on the type. The trunk has a slightly zigzag shape, yellow-green or purple-colored stems, sometimes with no geese. The leaf length is from 15cm to 25cm and is about 2cm to 4cm wide, the surface of the leaf looks like many small white scratches, the orchid leaves are usually dark green or dark green depending on the development.
About tree roots: Bach Nhan is a tree with wind roots growing all year round, roots growing in the trunk and axillary of leaves. The tips of the roots are usually one of purple-green, white-green, or dark purple. Rhizomes are usually only ivory-white and have almost no other color. Initially, the roots will be very fat, then gradually develop over the years, the roots will elongate and divide into branches with many young roots to help find moisture.
Flower: The flower is long and drooping from 20cm to 60cm, the length depends on the condition of the tree to be big or small or whether the plant has been cultured purely or not. Bach Nhan flowers grow relatively thick and many, the diameter of the flower rod is about 5cm to 9cm, the size of a flower is about 2cm to 3cm. Bach Nhan usually blooms in late summer and a few blooms in early autumn, each flower needs about 10 to 25 flowers.
Color and aroma: Orchid Bach Nhan has a variety of flower colors. With wild orchids, there are 2 basic colors: purple white and pure white (or also with color mutation but very rare). Forest Bach Nhan usually has very small petals and gives a pleasant mild fragrance. With hot and dry conditions, the flowers can be kept for 7 to 10 days, and if it is cool, the orchids can be kept for about 15 days.

Suitable conditions for Bach Nhan Christmas orchid to develop
Lan Bach Nhan loves moisture and ventilation because it has wind roots. The best lighting conditions are between 20% and 50%. For orchid players, it is necessary to have a garden with sunlight for about 3 to 5 hours. To create humidity, growers should use trays to store water and keep in the garden, to create ventilation, you can install a ventilation fan.
How to grow Bach Nhan Christmas orchid
For new trees: Need to prepare the necessary items such as tree planting rack (lumps, pots and moss, ...) Pay attention to keep the prices clean.
How to separate plants: To separate plants should be watered continuously to create moisture for the roots to easily separate from the orchid, after about 20 minutes to 30 minutes, you can peel off the orchid and switch to a new pot.
With wild orchids: When you first bring back, you should apply glue to heal the cuts and stamp, then spray with anti-mold fungus, finally hang up for 2 to 3 days, then put it for graft.
Take care of Bach Nhan Christmas orchids
Light: For newly planted trees (non-pure plants), sunlight is needed about 20% when the temperature is> 300c or 40% when the temperature is <200. With pure plants, about 30% needed is enough for the plant to develop normally.
How to water plants: It is necessary that plants have enough moisture. With direct grafted orchids need to water at least once a day when the temperature is <200 and water 2 times when the temperature is> 300. With orchids in pots still apply watering as above, but the amount of water will decrease a little. Irrigation standards must reach just enough moisture, while cleaning leaves to help plants photosynthesis better.

Conditions for Bach Nhan flowering: For orchids whether pure or not pure, it is possible to meet sufficient humidity, sufficient light and good ventilation for plant roots to develop pots. let Bach Nhan flower.
The right time to fertilize: Appropriate is when the plant has or is developing its roots. Growers can use slow-release fertilizers or foliar fertilizers to fertilize all year round, but should be applied during the growing orchid season to facilitate healthy growth. Fertilizer should be stopped during the rainy season.
Spraying time: Should be sprayed in the cool afternoon and in the absence of rain to help the plant absorb the drug better. Prevention should be conducted regularly every month, each month need to spray 1 time. In the rainy season, it is recommended to spray every 10 to 15 days. Pay attention to the weather to spray before it rains.
How to nourish Bach Nhan flowers: If you want Bach Nhan orchids to bloom quickly, you should bring them to a place with high humidity, avoid rain, a place that is airtight and it is necessary to light up even during the day. Proper watering with fertilizer to stimulate flower growth. Besides, in order for Bach Nhan orchids to keep flowers for a long time, they should be placed in a place with high humidity, avoid rain, need to reduce exposure to light, so water less and should not fertilize. When watering, pay attention not to water the flowers, just water around.
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