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Classification of Dendro orchids sunshine according to level

Currently, the movement of playing Dendro in the sun is developing strongly, in harmony with that trend, the old varieties are increasingly promoting their previous advantages. Tame orchids, healthy, diligent, ... make flower players more and more infatuated, immersed in natural gifts.

Today's free time, I would like to talk about all kinds of sunny Dendro. This is my opinion, so it may not be agreed by most of you. But I think the "controversy" like that makes the game more and more interesting!

It can be said that there is no most beautiful and beautiful orchid that is the orchid player's vibe about the flower and tree he is looking at. Each tree has its own beauty, so we will be classified according to the structure and color of the flower as follows (preferably a tree with more economic value):

Please allow us to classify trees as follows:

5 *: High level, rare. Very high price. Very high price is a plant of several million dong for a tree that is about to have flowers.
4 *: High level, few have. Expensive. The high price is about more than a million dong, the tree is about to flower.
3 *: beautiful, easy to find. Medium price. The price is just a few hundred thousand dong for a tree that is about to have flowers.

The tree has a beautiful structure - level 5 *: it can be said that the Dendro King Tiger is the most dominant tree. Large flower tongue, 2 long ears, reaching high, the front radio is very sinuous, dissecting the front very like a Cobra. Pink red is so beautiful. Trees tall and strong (more than 1m), high economic value.

Den was appalled

The orchid has a beautiful white color and the largest size - level 5 *: Bao Thanh Thien white dendro is dominating the most. The flower is large in size (12cm 2 petals), the flower's height can be as high as the large Vanda flower. The flower color is pure white, the two-eared structure is pointed (like Bao Cong's postcard in the movie), the flower blade is big, "cool", pointed, "tight corner". The flower of the plant is durable despite its thin petals. High economic value.

Dendro is so white

The name tree has beautiful flowers, the Beak King (the tip of the tongue is bent down like a fox's beak) - 5 *: large flowers, industrious flowers, very long dead, beautiful flower structure (petals dancing to the right). Tall, strong tree.

Dendro safes, sun dendro safes

- The tree has a beautiful border of King Horm tree - level 5 *: The tree has a standard structure, dark white border with all 3 petals and 3 sepals. When a healthy plant (almost 2m) is in full bloom, or with 2 showerheads, it really stands out.

Dendro deals with hormones

- The tree has beautiful striped flowers, King Muoi Bich tree - Level 5 *: with bright red flower throat, striped petals increase the beauty of flowers. The tree is tall, strong, with golden stems and almost no leaves fall, making the tree of high economic value.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.