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Distinguishing cinnamon orchids with three colors to avoid confusion

In this article, Vietnamese Bird Park wants to provide you with basic information about the species of Cinnamon orchids (in the line of Cinnamon orchids) so that they can be distinguished from the Three Jewels because they look quite similar. (up to 90%), but Surf orchids have better quality and price than Tam Bao sharp orchids.

Each hobby has its own interesting feature that only players can feel. In the hobby as well, it gives the player an elegant hobby unlike any other hobby. However, not all players know the names or distinguish all orchids because in some cases it is also important to distinguish the names of orchids, as it is related to the fact that you are very susceptible to humans. selling cheats when buying, especially when buying in the market, or buying things online.

Introducing the orchid Cinnamon surf
Lan Cinnamon is an orchid of the species of Cinnamon orchid (scientific name is Aerides Odorata) with surf leaf and smooth tree shape. The leaves are distinctly sparse, and the leaves are longer and thinner than the cinnamon orchids. The trunk is also smaller and softer, so when the tree has grown, it will often be tilted, but the tops still curl up to light.
Just like the orchid Cinnamon orchid, Cinnamon orchid belongs to the line of Cinnamon orchids, so it has a very distinctive and impressive cinnamon aroma. The flower player loves orchids because of this high and pleasant fragrance.

Distinguishing the orchid Cinnamon surfing with Tam Bao identity

On the surface, the orchids of Cinnamon and Tam Bao Stell have the same basic shape as the same leaf stem 90%. It is very difficult for longtime orchid players to differentiate the Glide Cinnamon Orchids and the Three Jewels from the outside. However, this article will point out some of the following characteristics that orchids players can rely on to distinguish these two orchids.

About the leaves: Lan Cinnamon has larger leaves, thicker and much longer than three-dimensional orchid, the leaf size is about 3-6cm wide, 20-30cm in length, looking at cinnamon leaves feels a bit rough and somewhat drier. Meanwhile, the three-color orchid leaves look greener and shorter

About the trunk: Three Jewels are orchids with small and round stems, the stem is often exposed because the leaves of the tree are more sparsely arranged. Meanwhile, cinnamon orchids surf again has a larger stem, the leaves are folded more tightly to not reveal the trunk and the shape of the stem is a bit flat. With perennial plants, the stems of trees can reach a length of about 1m or longer, and the stems drop down look extremely similar.

About the roots: Lan Cinnamon has a fairly large root system, but compared to the Three Jewels, it is only slightly better, with the naked eye, it is almost impossible to distinguish this. However, players of orchids can easily notice the difference that the root tip of Cinnamon Lan is usually green, completely different from the purple brown color of the three jewels. This feature is even more recognizable when the orchid has fully taken root. However, if it is a newly purchased tree with undeveloped root system, this is a difficult problem to distinguish.
About flowers: If the type is giving flowers, the distinction between Cinnamon orchids and three jewels is extremely easy. Lan Cinnamon often produces large clusters of flowers and flowers have two main colors: white and blue. The flower color changes in color, when newly blooming, the flowers have two clear blue-white colors, then the flowers will gradually turn to opaque white like the color of a tuber. While the Three Jewels are colored, the flowers have a flowery part and the stalk is pinkish purple, the flower face is mainly purple and white, it may also be yellow.

Regarding the cotton mold, while the Three Jewels have a blooming flower tail, the Cinnamon orchid does not have a flaring, but instead it is shaped like a hook and has a dot at the top with blue.

Flowering time: Three Jewels usually give flowers during April. However, depending on the weather, it may happen earlier or later, specifically from the end of March to June. While cinnamon orchids have time to flower around August (however depending on the specific situation it can last until October).
Regarding the floral scent: Lan Cinnamon has a very specific scent as its name suggests, orchids have a distinct cinnamon scent, a very fragrant and seductive scent to the player, the most famous fragrance at noon time. The scent of Cinnamon orchids is very famous among orchids in Vietnam. While the three jewels are sharp, the fragrance is light, light, pleasant, and does not feel as bold as the cinnamon orchid.

So with the different characteristics are detailed, surely many people can distinguish the two types of orchids are Cinnamon and Tam Bao sharp. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact Vietnam Bird Park for advice and choose your favorite orchid.

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