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Experience growing Comedy orchids for flowering in the home garden

Orchids can not withstand a lot of sunlight, prefer shading, should place pots under the tree or under the net, but arrange so that early sunlight shines on the tree for 1-2 hours per day is very good.

- Why Comedy needs a layer of rock under the mulch layer: when the elderly come to the forest, they can see and touch the rock is always cool, this helps the comedy roots stay cool, not sudden changes in root temperature during the day. The rock layer just below a thin mulch layer will drain water quickly to prevent root stubbornness, but the ice is always cold to allow the condensation of water to condense the mist when it is hot, which ensures the humidity in the humus is always relatively stable. In short, stone is just an air conditioner and humidity for the root system, not having any trace amounts of anything.

- Why comedy always needs a layer of decomposed humus: comedy roots are hairy roots, so the substrate must be spongy for the ideal contact, hard or tight is not good.

- Why the comedy often grows under the tree canopy: because the comedy does not like the sun, the body does not have a large enough water storage device, if it is exposed to sunlight, it will evaporate quickly, leading to dehydration.

After drawing the above conclusions, I give the following solutions to grow comedy:

- Substrate: use all kinds of decomposed humus for planting such as coir fiber, chile, crushed pulp, straw, leaves (all must be composted and then treated with bacteria) if the substrate is not After growing rots, Humic acid must be added regularly. There is no need for the tools to put stones in to make a heavy pot. If the stone supply calcium, the month for one dose of aminoCa or Canxinitrate is too much.

- Air conditioning and humidity of the substrate: The humus layer should not be too thin or too thick, thin, quickly dry, quickly dry, and thick, easy to stagnate. 10cm range is enough. Leave the pot under the canopy or cover the sun with 100% using only scattered light. Can be put on the water tray to cool but the water does not contact the mulch layer, separate by removing the perineum foam. Or with conditions, use drip irrigation.

- Care: tools can use organic fertilizers lightly sprayed on the pot surface, chemical fertilizers can be sprayed with a dose of 1/2 with the body of the barrel. And the most important thing that is indispensable is Humic and B12.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.