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Hac Vy orchid care techniques best

Lan Hac Vy with many different names such as royal seminar Thien Cung, lan great idea, crane body of heavenly palace. Lan Hac Vy has the scientific name of Dendrobium aphyllum. The ecological feature of this orchid is an epiphytic orchid with the length of the body, the body is cylindrical with a stem diameter of about 1cm and the length of the stem can be 1m in the wild. Leaves are about 8cm long and dark green with pointed lanceolate. Is one of the species of orchid like light and cool dry place. In the wild they usually grow in tall branches in high, open forests. The tree thrives in the summer. And late autumn and winter are the resting periods, so plants don't need to be watered. This orchid species has a variety of flowers in many varieties such as Hac Vy Purple, Hac Vy Hong, and Hac Vy Trang. Lan Hac Vy has a natural beauty of clear color and watering, the flowers of this orchid are like paper cranes flying in the blue sky. This orchid is very popular with its unique and soft body shape, its color is impressive, and its distinctive flower shape is very noticeable compared to other orchids.

1.1. Hac Vy orchid growing techniques

1.1.1. How to choose a plant variety

For this species of orchid, it should be selected as the plants that have not developed new germs. If the plant has germs, it will not adapt to the new environmental conditions, causing orchids and orchids will not produce beautiful and fat flowers. Should buy orchids to plant in late autumn and early winter because at this time the leaves fall and the tree is in the holiday season, so the grafting process will need little care. Should choose plants with silvery-gray trunks and yellow leaves and start to defoliate is the most appropriate. Should choose a dry orchid that is not wet or wet because it can potentially be a high incidence of disease.

1.1.2. The substrate used to grow Hac Vy orchids

The most suitable medium for this orchid is peeled driftwood. These media ensure to provide water and ventilation for the roots. For the species of Hac Vy orchids to have beautiful flowers are longan or driftwood.

Before grafting orchids need to be cut to remove all stamping roots, roots leave roots about 2-3cm, then soak in physan for about 20 minutes to eradicate pathogens, then pick up and hang upside down for 3-5 days.

1.1.3. Techniques to care for Hac Vy orchids

Water regime: 1 week after grafting, start watering in the form of a mist to ensure moisture for the plants. The water content should not be too much to cause waterlogging and root rot. In winter and early spring, water should not be watered until buds spread again and new plants sprout before starting to water again. Should water in the form of a mist to keep the plants moist and with a dose just enough to not affect the plant. Hang your plants in a cool and humid place to add moisture to the plant to keep it cool.

Light mode: Ensures 80% natural light output.

Humidity: Appropriate humidity and need to be maintained at 60% is the most suitable for the growth and development of this orchid.

Fertilizer regime: Apply NPK fertilizer at the rate of 30-10-10 after seeing new roots with a dose of 1g with 4l of water and spray evenly on the stem. Fertilizer time should be about 1 time / month. Around October every year onwards is the tree's rest period, so there is no need to fertilize the tree, the tree will be self-sufficient and the plant will feed itself.

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