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Hac Vy Pink, an orchid with a characteristic and very natural beauty

Hac Vy Pink, an orchid with a characteristic and very natural beauty
The orchid orchid Hac Vy Hong is considered by the world to play orchids as a species of orchid with natural beauty and unique features that cannot be confused with any other species. Let's learn about this orchid to see that.
Lan Hoang Thao Hac Vy Hong and her recognizable features
The Red-flipped Crane Crane is a type of Dendrobium Aphyllum and is a tree of the Nobile line. In our country, in addition to the name Hoang Thao Hac Vy is also known as Dai Y Thao, Hoang Thao Thien Cung, and Hac Vy Thien Cung.
Hoang Vy Hong Hoang Thao Hong has young body growing upward, when mature, it hangs down. The leaves are pointed and lanceolate. The flowers are grown in clusters and are pink-purple in color, the inside of the flower is white.

The Pink Hacared Crane has flowers that grow in clusters and is pale pink in color.

The Hac Vy Pink herb usually flowers in the period from March to the 6th of the lunar calendar. However, even though it has not flowered, the trunk of the Hacoming Rose also exudes a very natural beauty and can be used as a great decorative green tree.
Trees have long trunks from 60cm to 80cm, bearing cylindrical shape, thickness from 0.4cm to 0.5cm. The body is slouch and sloping from 2.5cm to 3cm. The leaves are lanceolate and are 6cm to 8cm long and 1.5cm to 2cm wide.
The inflorescence has 1 to 2 flowers and grows along the length of the stem when leaves are absent. The flowers are about 4cm in diameter with stalks and pots from 2cm to 2.5cm long. The flower edge has short hairs, the upper bristles are covered on the surface.
The pink Hacaredus is regenerated by buds and seeds. The tree usually grows clinging to large trees in the forest, at an altitude of about 400m to 1,500m.

The Hac Vy Pink herb usually flowers between March and the 6th of the lunar calendar

Distribution status of Hoang Thao Hac Vy
In the world: The Crane Crane is found in places such as India, Algeria, Nepal, Butane, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Malaysia.
In Vietnam: Hac Vy is found in many places from North to South with many different flower patterns as well as colors.
Thus, in natural conditions, the species of Hoang Thao Hac Vip is mainly distributed in high mountainous regions with temperate climates such as in the mountains of the Northwest region, Lam Dong, ... Flowers of Hoang Thao Hac Pink-tailed tails grow only on those that have had no leaves. In the fall, when the tree has lost all its leaves, the flowers will bloom at the sites simultaneously.
Instructions on how to distinguish and identify different types of Hac Vy orchids
Distinguishing Hoang Thao Hac Vy should be based on the form of the trunk and the different flower forms, specifically:
The body type is small, long and stiff; Small and thin leaves produce light colored flowers with smaller sizes. This type is commonly found in the southern regions.
The type has a plump and soft, succulent body; Thick and stretchy leaves will give flowers a darker color with a larger size. This type is usually found in cold climates like Son La, SaPa ...
Besides, there are some types of intermediates with different colors, such as the color of the chick's feathers, the color of blue or completely white.

Although it has not yet flowered, the trunk of the Flamingo Pink also exudes a very natural beauty and can be used to make a wonderful green tree.

The value of Hoang Thao Hac Vy Hong
In addition to being used as an ornamental plant, the Hac-Vy Pink herb is also grown as a medicine to treat coughs, pain, burns, ... The medicine helps to cure the disease very effectively.
How to plant and care for the Hac Vy Hong herb
Hoang Vy Pink is a sun-loving tree and needs a lot of water for the growing season. We can plant trees on driftwood or in terracotta pots. However, grafting the tree into driftwood will be more beautiful because the tree has a leaning shape and should be grafted on one side to bring aesthetics. We should also plant more than one tree on a tree or pot, it would be more beautiful.
When caring for the plant, letting the plant receive direct sunlight will make the leaves green and thicker. In the fall, watering should be reduced gradually and in winter should be stopped.
For lowland areas, when planting Hac Vacti, it is necessary to reduce watering in winter and reduce light so that the plants can dry, not grow, lose their leaves, and flower.

Hoang Vy Pink is a sun-loving tree and needs a lot of water for the growing season

Thus, we have to learn about the species of Orchids Rosemaryaceae. If you want to learn more or want to buy an orchid to play or make seedlings, go to Vietnam Bird Park. Here, we have many different types of orchids that will definitely advise and help you choose the most beautiful and quality orchid with the most competitive price.

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