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Historical story: Flowers growers Five orchids

Ngu Bach Lan Vien is also the pride and pride of Anh Tong. Whenever envoys from different countries came, Anh Tong personally took them to see. Everyone complimented that Phuong Dong did not have a similar second orchid garden and could be compared to Lan Vien of Sui De in the past.

Cymbidium goeringii During the Tran dynasty, Anh Tong was the most elegant and talented king. In addition to being cool about holding exams Playing orchids is also a hobby that the king loves. He set up separate officials to look after orchids such as orchids, with the task of exploring and collecting rare orchids. The lady who specializes in cultivating and taking care of orchids ...

In the royal garden, on the hill of Long Do (now Bach Thao Garden - Hanoi), the king reserved a shady place for Ngu Bach Lan Vien including more than 500 species of orchids gathered from countries: Laos, Chiem Thanh, Phu Male, Siam ...

Ngu Bach Lan Vien is also the pride and pride of Anh Tong. Whenever envoys from different countries came, Anh Tong personally took them to see. Everyone complimented that Phuong Dong did not have a similar second orchid garden and could be compared to Lan Vien of Sui De in the past.

One night, Anh Tong and eunuch Tran Can act - as always do - to listen to the rhythm of digging in the Gia Ngu Ca trù room, but when he met five countries, the To Lich river was too big to flood Co Luong ward, the king had to Passing Thanh Ha ward, suddenly catching strange orchids, then stopped and told the eunuch:

- For a long time, I heard that this area had a precious orchid garden of a rich rich man in Bac Phuong, the brother of General Governor Luong Quang Lu Canh Phu. Three or four times I sent Tam Lan Quan to come and see, but they deliberately avoided it. Up to now, I suddenly found a rare and precious orchid. I want the eunuch soon how can I go there to enjoy flowers to satisfy my desire.

After several days of questioning, the eunuch was led by a close friend of the wealthy Lu surnamed to the king and introduced him as the brother of Prime Minister Truong Han Sieu at the tide.

From now on, watching each basket of orchids hanging in a trellis, in pots ... the king found that among the hundred species of flowers there were only a few rare and strange orchid varieties that the royal garden did not have. The remarkable point is that most orchids from flowers, leaves, and roots are long, green, luscious, and incredible. Because for the first time, Anh Tong kept the idea of ​​not asking much, but kept his eyes and eyes on the movements of the female servants who diligently took care of each flowerpot and the ornamental basin. The King saw that their work was no different from the work of the court lady bishops. After watching the flowers, the homeowner invites you to enter the hall for tea. Mr. Tong expressed his thanks:

- Having the pleasure of enjoying Bach Hoa Vien of foreign members can see people from the country playing orchids more sophisticated than people.

Happy, wealthy and loving Lu asked:

- Isn't it good if you feel like it's so complimented?

- I have been in the orchid for 20 years, there are many kinds of flowers like that of the foreign member, but compared to the surface, the flavor is still far behind. Affordable orchids brought by foreign noble from the North.

The country is a temperate country with many orchids, and orchids are a parasitic flower that lives on the trunks of tropical forests. Chinese people are less fond of wild flowers, not nurtured by human hands. The number of orchids that the family has donated by you must be kept in love.

- Lan of a foreign lady is so beautiful, what secret must be there?

As soon as he finished his words, he heard a noise outside the gate, then the security guard rushed in ... Anh Tong changed his color, quickly gestured to the soldiers to back off and brought up his home.

It turned out that Thuong Hoang Nhan Tong came from Thien Truong. In the palace of Thuan Thanh, the queen panicked and sent the internal army, rode horse to process the king, on the one hand hurriedly saluted the Emperor and romanticly, Anh Tong was rewarding with the emissary of the country in the coming home. Thanks to that, the same thing as in the old days did not happen: The emperor was caught sleeping, put his cane on himself, got angry with him ... causing the king to wake up to chase after death to give thanks.

A week later, when he finished off the ceremony, the king and eunuch Tran Duoc went to the rich house of the Lu family.

This time we know that the king, the host welcomes, allows his wife, children, and grandchildren to worship. The foreign tourer personally guided the king to Lan Vien, introduced each pot, type of orchid ... the king repeated the question the day before was interrupted when two guards broke into the house. The foreign traveler smiled and replied:

- Your Majesty asked about the spell to play orchids, I honestly do not have any secret other than watering orchids. Water for watering orchids is not rainwater, drinking water taken from wells, rivers, streams, and lakes, but is the daily water to wash women's feet.

The King asked in surprise:

- Lan and musk are the two aromatics of jewelry to increase the woman's beauty, why use dirty water for the woman to water "Royal chi incense"?

- Lan is actually a clean aroma that is the essence of female secretions. But herbaceous plants need water to wash the face and wash the hair of the woman. The orchid is a flower of Aminumia, blooming at night, with a splendid and passionate scent. Lan was beautiful and brainless under the bright white light. Because of the acoustical chord, the orchid does not tolerate sunlight, must cover the shade. Being covered with night mist, spreading luscious, fragrant and long-lasting. So, if you want orchids to be beautiful, you must water them diligently with water that is slightly negative, as well as must be nourished by the woman's hand.

- So how can we have enough water every day to water two hundred orchid pots?

- To have enough, the village has to order the whole year in advance of Ca trù Gia Ngư and Đồng Xuân Wards with very high price.

- How do I know exactly which water is washing the face, washing the hair of the children, or digging?

- The family must be cautious, if it is not purely to wash the face and wash the hair of the woman, then water the whistle, slow flowering, and fade away, at that time they should not blame being arrested and have to compensate.

Pointing to a small isolated area, a few dozen feet from Lan, in which there are a few orchid pots that the king has not been led to see, Anh Tong asked:

- That place, is it forbidden to spread precious orchids in the world of foreign teachers?

Cu Phu Chieu smiled and shook his head, explaining:

- It is the "store orchid" area to store the orchid rolls not enough to make pots before bringing them to Lan Lan.

The king asked:

- What is not enough pots?

- Not enough sets are not enough pairs, enough spread, to potted. The family grows two rolls of orchid each called "Song Muoi", or "Billion soya" or four rolls of "Four noble" or eight rolls according to "Eight feet of wet pants" or 12 rolls of "Thap Nhi diamond" or 18 rolls is "Thap Bat La Han Assembly" or 28 is "Nhi Thap La Han Assembly". The magic of playing orchids with odd numbers in Duong, playing elaborate orchids, so it took many years and years to get a concise orchid garden of all kinds.

Anh Tong suddenly remembered many times that he allowed people to see orchids but could not, immediately asked:

- Why do precious orchids and orchids not open the door to welcome guests?

The rich man from the Lu family explained that the first reason was because he was busy doing business, did not have time to receive his friends, after that because he was afraid of coming to the court's ears, so many connoisseurs would come, causing many troubles and inconveniences. . Mr. Tong smiled and apologized to Phu Thuong for the sudden and said:

- Surely there will be no other troubles or inconveniences to the owner again. After today's reunion, you must have a lot of experience on orchids, please tell me.

The Lu surname replied:

- Trung Nguyen people who play orchids have more or less secrets. In the Duong dynasty, there was Lan Vuong Do Phu, the most popular contest. In the lan competitions he always kept the champion.

The king asked:

- It seems that in the Do Phu period there was another Á Vương Lan?

- That is Vuong Hy Chi, a friend of Do Phu, who is the author of the famous "Thiep Lan Dinh" in the Tang dynasty. Vuong Hy Chi orchid garden gathers dozens of orchids every night to aim for orchid wine and poems. Vuong had an uncle in Kien land for 12 rolls of "Tuy Da Hong Lan", Vuong divided in half and presented his friend Do Phu.

cymbidium sinenseTet Nguyen spent the following year organizing an examination of orchids at Phuong Lan Dinh in Ly Thua Thien Hue. For more than 500 pots. The jury selected 2 pots Tuy Da Hong Lan by Do and Vuong won the Khoi and A Nguyen prizes. The noteworthy point is that both are the same orchid, but the orchid of the Do family is relatively smaller, and is awarded the first prize because of its full flavor.

Vuong, after the contest, kept gobbling all day, not eating, not sleeping, just drinking to relieve the melancholy. Not hate the jury's unfair bias, but because Vuong Hy Chi and the orchids participating in the contest all consider Do Phu's orchids more beautiful than Vuong's. He doubted Do Phu had his own secret, so he came to visit him. Covered up with love, vowed to only take care and nurture like everyone else, without any other secret. Vuong left skepticism, assuring that the Do family "hid their job" to maintain the Lan Vuong throne. Chi plotted with his niece and asked a close friend from the Do family to take him as a servant. After accepting the job, the spouse noticed the activities in the Lan. The maidservant saw that all the women, slaves in the household, after washing their hair and washing their faces, they had to pour water to wash their face into a large built lake and use the water there to water the orchids.

Hy Chi was implicitly reported, and correctly applied the tips of watering orchids, so the next year's flower contest for both Tuy Da Hong Lan pots of Vuong and Do families is full of spades. The Judges wondered who was the best, who was second. After all, we had to merge two Khoi Asia prizes into a Khoi Nguyen prize, divided equally between the two families Do Vuong. A few days later, in the Do's family, there was a banquet for dinner and a banquet, Vuong blamed Do for being dishonest with his friends, and Do invited the mistress of the family name Than, in charge of spread, of Do Phu to ask questions. Afraid that her husband would bring bad luck to her friends, the beloved concubine of the Than family must tell the truth, that is the secret of her family from the Sui dynasty in China.

After a few days enjoying the orchid party with Anh Tong, the owner of the Lu family went to the city to pay homage to the ceremony and gave 4 precious orchid pots like Thanh Chau, Que Chau, Lan Chau, Phuc Chau. The next day, Anh Tong sent Tran Thai Giam and Thiep Thu Thi Bich to give Lu family 30 kinds of rare orchids in Ngu Bach Lan Vien ... At the same time, he brought in the palace to instruct the female bishops to care for orchids ...

Thus, in our country, Anh Tong was the first to play orchids according to the secret of Yin Yang of the Sui dynasty, Duong in China.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.