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How to raise the buds - Keiki let Lan hang out

With the cervical orchid lines, propagating by nurturing young shoots growing from the trunk - Keiki - ki tree is the simplest and most popular way. This way you will be able to produce a relatively large number of seedlings under home growing conditions.

Option 1: According to Experience and sharing of Doctor Tran Thanh Hai

How to raise young buds (keiki) for orchids that are sputtering

How to multiply lattice orchids with keiki

How to multiply lattice orchids with keiki

1 / Do not use Atonik

The reason that I recommend that you should not use Atonik with plants that previously gave flowers is that in plants that are full of nutrients, it will easily cause stem rot.
In terms of the nature of the tree when it comes to the flowering season, depending on which favorable conditions come first such as: nutrition, humidity, light ... the tree will give flowers more or less or will not give flowers but all young buds. Briefly like that to make it easier for you to grasp the problem.
Because the flower season of the fake crane is mainly in the summer, the weather varies from Spring to Summer, except for some like Gia Hac Di Linh Xuan, most of them flower in summer. On the other hand, in the South, when changing from Spring to Summer, the weather starts to be sunny and hotter (it has been controlled and tested many times), the result is that if Atonik is used with a low dose of 1ml / 2-3 liters of water mixed with B1 It's okay, but with higher doses, they are easy to make young stems, mature stems and just flower very easy to rot, and stems older than one to 2 years or more do not affect much.

2 / Good time for young shoots.

The most favorable time is after the plants flower, young buds grow long, the roots are plentiful and stick to the substrate. At this time, we cut the flowered stalks to nurture the young buds because nutrients are still abundant in the orchid stem. If we are afraid that the young shoots are weak, we have to leave them to feed the young ones. the success rate will drop more or less.

3 / Treating the mother's body for shoots

After cutting the stem, the mother intends to put the young shoots down, and should be cut into segments of about 20-30cm. You should cut with a very sharp object to avoid stamping the cut, (if the cut is finished, apply My Tien scarring glue or 502 / lime / nail polish ...) so that the cut will dry for a day and then bring it to use. down here:
1,5ml B1 + 2ml TERRA SORD 4 per liter of water
Note: Do not use Atonik if the stem is new to flowers because it can easily rot as mentioned above
Soak the cut stem stem in the solution for about 1 hour, then let it dry for 4-5 hours and then soak again.

4 / Conducting the nursery of young stems

Place these body segments in a cool, damp place. The most important part is this part. With the home garden, the cool and humid place is very simple, for the people who grow and play orchids in the townhouses, finding a cool and humid place to grow young shoots is not easy, nhie62ukhi struggling forever without finding any place. spend money to buy raw materials to nursery shoots.
Temperatures from 25-28 degrees C are very suitable and favorable for the nursery of young shoots. So it is best to find a pot of soil for indoor plants like apricot potted in the yard or on the terrace, for example, putting it in it is okay because the ground is always guaranteed to have relative humidity, the foliage of the tree ensures the cool. We still water the pot plants normally, so there is always moisture to ensure the growth of young shoots. After 5 to 8 weeks (if the mother's body is new) or longer, 2 to 3 months (if the body is old), young shoots will sprout from the eyes of sleep.
Note: During the incubation of young stems, once every 15 days, we soak the mother plant stem in solution of B1 mixed as above.

5 / Take care of young shoots

If the young shoots have sprouted from the sleeping eyes, we will water B1 + TERRA SORB for them with a very thin dose to help them root faster. Usually, after a month after the buds sprout, there will be roots
When the roots are about 1cm, we can bring grafting to trees or wood, but must be kept in a cool place (should graft the whole mother stem) because at this time young shoots are still weak, if exposed to the sun, they can easily die.
Nutrition at this time is also essential, so we must boldly water NPK 30-10-10 + B1 at a low dose every 1 week - 10 days for the young shoots to help them grow and develop stronger.
When the young shoots grow from 2-3cm up, we should increase the light to help them grow faster. At this time, the root system has also developed and adhered to the substrate, now we need to combine organic and inorganic fertilizers for the plant.
If cared for well, the first year or 18 months after the tree will give flowers.

Method 2: According to the experience and sharing of Dr. GH TaLi

Substrate: Coal, coconut, coconut, ...

Put the scraps in the plastic container with the lid already available, just punch the bottom of the glass.
Just spray water, the right temperature and humidity for the preschool (Keiki) will go up.
If you want to hurry, you can add etonik or B1
Let it be faster in the dark, but the underexposed germ will be weak. Note when you see substrates in a glass that is almost dry, then mist to moisten, do not spray many incubators, which may rot. Depending on the difficulty of the sleeping eye, the germination time is about 1 week or more.

Method 3: According to the experience and sharing of Dr. Tran Thanh Dam

Creating keiki for orchids has many ways I have a way to create a natural way to share with ACE (I've been experimenting for 2 years with success, maybe only suitable for home garden conditions)

1. Choose a tree that grows well.
2. When the tree is about to deciduous, take the rope to tie it close to the tree base (note not to damage the tree).
3. When the tree is at rest, it is not watered.

(*) As a result, it creates a natural inhibition of one root that can produce 2.3 shoots, and the eyes almost jump keiki.

P / S: The most difficult thing is to nourish plants in the later stages, whoever uses keiki to help me, where to buy? or the way of transmitting often keiki.

* Cautions for doing this

- Tighten enough, remember not to hurt the tree
- When it broke out, keiki had to remove the rope so that the tree could absorb nutrients from its mother's body

Share your Hac Khuyen on how to raise keiki
My own opinion about keiki balm, is to use rice water to lightly water on the ki, I keep it all in that way, I tried it for a year and it showed that the ki grows very fast and fat, note 2 days of watering 1 The times are at 5-6 o'clock at night, very good because the water is very nutritious. When cooking rice, use water to wash the rice and pour it into separate pearls after 20/30 minutes to let it settle out of the dough, then gently pour the water on the white brown color and then water the children. If watering all or right, the rice flour has not settled yet, it will stick to the base of the ki or roots and then it will be a good prey for the ants to eat, and at the same time it will bite off the young roots of the ki, that's true The reality is that I'm stuck, if you think it's reasonable, try what I do after 2 weeks, but I'm suddenly fat and fat.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.