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How to take care of dendro orchids for beautiful blooming flowers

How to care for orchids dentro for beautiful blooming flowers. The following techniques for proper care for your orchid pots.

How to take care of dendro orchids for beautiful blooming flowers Anh Khanh PCT The Long Khanh Town's Ornamental Biology Association, Dong Nai has popularized the experience of taking care of DENDRO orchids, some people have successfully applied it to bring high economic efficiency. Thank you and generously recommend this experience as a gift to everyone.


Dry season:

- First morning watering (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

- Afternoon watering 2 times (14:00 to 15:00)

Depending on the sunny and windy weather, it is decided to alternate watering between 2 main watering times with mild watering.

Rainy season:

- Watering later in the morning

- In the afternoon watering earlier

How to take care of beautiful blooming dendro orchids You can water less, mainly rinse after each rain to prevent toxins, chemicals, acids affecting the orchid in the rain, especially early rains. and at the end of the rainy season.

Evaluation marks:

The orchid has enough water:

- After 16 hours, the planting material is dry but not too dry.

- Castle:

+ Body: Stretch round, do not shrink practitioners.

+ Leaves: Thick, open, not yellow.

+ Roots: Moderately long and fat.

+ Shoots, young shoots: Strong, continuous development.

Adequate water will grow well

The orchid lacks water:

- After 16 hours, the planting material is too dry to withdraw water from the roots, the leaves lose the shade.

- The next morning, the tree still doesn't seem to wake up.

- Castle:

+ Body: Um, the practitioner shrinks (has notches along the body).

+ Leaves: Thin, long, yellow withered and then fall.

+ Root: Very long crawl out of the pot without getting into the growing material.

+ Shoots, young shoots: Shrinking does not develop continuously.

+ New practice: Will be short, sick so early flowering when still low.

Lack of water will impair the plant

Orchids with excess water:

How to take care of a dendro orchid that blooms beautifully - after 4:00 p.m. the perineum has not yet dried, the growing material is still soaking up (except for the windy nighttime days that are still strong as in 2-4al months).

- Castle:

+ Roots: Being rotten, very few roots stick to the growing material.

+ Leaves: Yellow but thick, soft (unlike lack of water, leaves are also yellow but thin, tough).

+ New practice: grows weak, easily spoiled.

- Fungi diseases and insects appear a lot; Leaf spot disease appears a lot, the easier it is to lose leaves. On the surface of the growing material, green moss, many black mold.

Excess water will kill the plant


Since planting:

- Fertilizer 30.10.10, 3 days / time

- Vitamin B1, every 3 days (not mixed with any drugs and feces)

- Superthive, every 15-30 days (can be mixed with NPK 30.10.10 fertilizer)

- Fish feces, every 20 days (do not mix with any medicine and feces)

- Atonik, every 30 days (not mixed with B1)

How to take care of dendrobium orchids, which bloom beautifully, spray with the above fertilizers, soak the whole plant, the best time to spray is 5 am to 8 o'clock, then spray salt. Before spraying the compost, spray water first (remember to spray water, not water) to protect against shock.

When finishing cotton:

When practicing 2 or 3 since planting is close to the top. Spray 2 times 10.60.10. Then spray continuously 20.20.20 and 2 times continuously Atonik, 6 days / time.


Diseases on plants in general and orchids in particular are classified into 3 main groups as follows: i) Diseases caused by insects; ii) Diseases caused by fungi; iii) Diseases caused by viruses.

Insect-borne diseases are easy to prevent and easy to treat.

Diseases caused by fungi and viruses cause the main and most effective measure of prevention and treatment with little effect.

Dry season:

- Dithane M45 80WP, every 2-3 weeks.

- Aliette 800 WG, every 2 months.

Vicarben, once a month.

Rainy season:

- Dithane M45 80WP, once a week.

- Aliette 800 WG, once a month.

Vicarben, every 10 days.

How to care for orchids blooming dendrobium - Spray more Nacosan (or Benkona, reduce the dose to 1/2 instructions), every 2-3 weeks to prevent moss, mold.

- If there are signs of leaf cloudy when the flowers bloom, they should be sprayed against confidor (or anvado), every 10 days.


Regularly clean the fallen leaves, cut off the diseased shoots

The diseased plants boldly destroyed and quarantined

Clear the grass from the truss and around it.

Do not smoke in orchids

Limit visitors to the garden

Do not put mice, snails in the truss

Rinse the water thoroughly before watering so it doesn't get too hot

When winter is cold at 8 o'clock, watering

Keep track of the weather every day to decide on a watering schedule

Check pH of water + minerals

Immediately remove cotton from young or weakened plants

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.