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Imitation of the White Crane, an expensive and charming orchid

White Orchid is one of the expensive orchid varieties and has a very seductive scent, so it is very interested in orchid players. However, to understand this species of orchid, not everyone knows. So let's find Vietnam Bird Park in more detail about this beautiful orchid.

The white Lan Jianhua is very expensive and beautiful
White Lan Gia Hac and recognizable features
The white orchid is a hybrid of the Hac Vy orchid (the scientific name Dendrobium aphyllum) and the pseudo Hac orchid (the scientific name Dendrobium anosmum). This orchid gives a very strong fragrance with very durable flowers (flowers bloom from 7 to 10 days)

White orchid is very fragrant and flowers are very durable
White orchid is a variety of white orchids belonging to the genus of the royal family. Trees are composed of practitioners. For every year of practicing, the mother will give birth to about 1 to 3 children. Assuming growth starts from March to October, November of the following year, they grow and elongate over the years and reach a maximum of about 1m to 1.2 m.
The white orchid, after the growing season, will shed its leaves in the winter and start to produce flower buds. The process continues until mid-spring when the orchids begin to bloom. Accompanying the flowering tree will also be the time when the orchid plant new sprouting in the faculties.

How to plant and care for White Orchid
Basically, planting and caring techniques for White Orchid-Pheasant is similar to that of other Phony Hac species.
The fake white crane is a hygroscopic species, however it should be noted that it is not allowed to waterlogg. Standard substrates consist of charcoal combined with a little moss on the surface or can also be grown on a pompom. If you want to plant with chile moss, it is necessary to have a roof to cover the rain to avoid waterlogging and root rot.

During the care process, it is necessary to avoid the white Phian Hac orchid from direct sunlight. Trees should only let 70% sun, can use the net to adjust the amount of sunlight needed. Besides, we also need to avoid the orchid where the wind is too strong to drain the plant quickly and should use the net to shield to reduce the wind speed blowing directly into the tree. Because plants have a high need for moisture, gardeners often combine the use of the gutter below the orchids to increase the humidity of the air.

The fake white crane is a hygroscopic species, but it should be noted that it is not allowed to waterlogg
Lan Jia Hac has a high demand for water and nutrients in its growing period. Therefore, we need to pay attention at this time to fertilize fertilizers with high nitrogen content (30-10-10 ratio) in combination with fertilizers with a nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium ratio (30-30-30 ) to help the plant grow.
When growing, the White Hedgehog orchid can grow drooping or drooping orchids. But if the orchid is hanging down, it should be noted the contact position between the base of the pot. Trees will break if the exposure is large. If the tree is planted upwards, it is necessary to fix the tree in case the trunk is weak.

When growing, the White Hedgehog orchid can grow drooping or drooping orchids
White orchids usually give flowers when they have lost all their leaves at the end of the growing season, so it is easy to adjust so that the plant can give flowers on Tet. At the beginning of the 10th lunar month, the trees are stopped watering until the leaves of the white Phian Hac orchid fall off. During Tet holiday about 45 days, if the tree has not lost all its leaves, the gong can cut off all the leaves of the tree and let it dry until the end of the November of lunar calendar, then start watering again. After about 10 to 15 days is when the plant starts to flower, at this time need to reduce watering and hang the plant in a cool place if the buds are big. In the case of small buds, it is necessary to increase the light and increase the irrigation water for adjustment.

Control pests and diseases for white orchids
Should spray Movento in combination with Pesieu once a month (the drug works to prevent aphids, aphids, thrips ...). The best spraying time is in the evening. Every 15 to 30 days, spray with a mixture of fungicides and fungicides. If it rains heavily, spray about every 7 days. Some fungicides for plants such as: RidomilGold, Antracol, Aliette, TopsinM, Daconil ... Recommended bacteria killers: Kasumin, Poner, Starner, Physan, Mathian ...
We need to pay attention to how to prevent diseases safely by using alternately, combined with products from Nano Silver, Agrifos 400 or Benkona. If the weather is sunny, or the temperature is over 33 degrees C, you should limit the spraying of fertilizers and drugs.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.