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Potting medium orchids and their advantages and disadvantages

Currently, there are many people who are new to playing comedy orchids but do not know how suitable the plant to grow comedy orchids. However, the current planting medium for comedy orchids is also extremely diverse. Each type of growing medium for growing comedy orchids has its own advantages and disadvantages, let's learn these features together!

Orchids are one of the orchid species that can be said to be the most noble to orchid players. If to distinguish orchid players to enjoy and players spread by depth and level of play, it can be easy to see: Comedy orchid players are usually those who have a wide range of knowledge about orchids. In particular, orchids are very picky with players because no one can fully understand its beauty. Lan comedy can be said to be quite picky about the player. Mostly I see longtime comedians going through pretty long time playing orchids. Of course this is only for people who play a lot of comedy, not just one or two types. Orchids are quite expensive compared to other orchids. A comedy pot costs ranging from a few hundred thousand to a few million, a few tens of millions also; Of course these are just normal orchids without any mutation!

Orchids can be a precious orchid for the player to notice its beauty and reach. Currently, the price of comedy orchids in the world is quite expensive compared to the price in Vietnam. Each comedy orchid pot can range from a few tens to several hundred dollars on the world market. In other countries, it is considered a precious orchid. In Vietnam, maybe not many people play comedy orchids.

Planting medium orchid

Initially growing comedy, me as well as you do not know what to grow comedy orchids. In nature, they grow all kinds of, sometimes on trees (comedy), sometimes on cliffs, streams, mountain peaks, ... The growing medium for growing comedy orchids is extremely diverse.

No one grows a comedy using only one substrate. Each type of price has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you cleverly mix different media together, you can create a suitable media for your orchid pots to ensure they are airy enough and still keep the plants moist.

The article does not guide you to choose the most suitable price for you by choosing the right substrate for each type of orchid, each natural condition, temperature and humidity of each region, home garden sub-climate. You can consult to find out the most suitable growing medium for orchids.

Need to coordinate many different types of substrates to overcome their advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of common types of orchid growing media


The bark is very popular with many people, there are many types of bark used as tamarind bark, pine bark, star bark, milk breast bark, ... However, the most widely used is pine bark because pine bark is extremely easy to find. Cheap price, easy to exploit, pine bark has essential oil so it has good antifungal properties. The shell is very solid, very rotten because the cork is very thick. The bark in general has the following pros and cons:

+ The advantages of the bark: good moisture retention, less moss, especially viscous moss, light, very suitable for comedy, especially pine bark has high antiseptic properties so do not worry about moss.

+ Disadvantage: the bark is easy to fungus if the environment is unfavorable, quickly rot in 2-3 years, the star bark is very durable (old bark type), there are some insects that like to hide in the bark.

+ Note before planting orchids should be boiled so that the bark can absorb water and should choose pine bark to ensure resistance to fungus and diseases for the tree, in addition we need to choose a reasonable size arrangement of the bark, the bark is big and down. under the small bark up to ensure airy, keep the pots moist.

Wood substrate:

It can be tamarind wood, milky wood, star wood, pine ..., but better than red pine (except white yeast). In terms of pros and cons, both wood is similar to the bark.

Stems (fern roots): + Advantages of palm stem: quick dry, airy, fairly durable, light, good moisturizing, preferred

+ Disadvantage: easy to grow mushrooms in unfavorable environmental conditions, easy to cause squash if the planting material is too crumbled.

+ Note: Jackfruit is easier to rot when it is too dry

The substrate of coconut shell and coir:

+ Advantages: quick to absorb water, good moisture, suitable for many types of orchids, good fertilizer retention, easy to control humidity.

+ Disadvantages: it is easy to cause squash if the planting material is too fragmented and the planting material is thick, it is easy to grow moss, easily cause waterlogging, quick rot, there are many available salts, many insects like to hide in coir.

+ Note: soak thoroughly before planting to reduce salt.

Water hyacinth root:

+ Advantages: high ability to absorb and retain moisture, has a lot of protein to help plants root and grow strongly in the first time.

+ Disadvantage: easy to decay, easy to hot stew spread

Big crow's nest (big nest):

+ Pros: very good moisturizing, orchids are quite fancy, quite durable, good fertilizer retention

+ Disadvantage: easy to hot tunnel roots spread, many types of insects like to hide inside.

Water moss: (Sphagnum moss)

+ Advantages: very good moisture retention, absorbing a lot of water, suitable for high moisture-loving orchids such as orchids, good fertilizer retention, less mildew

+ Disadvantage: due to high water retention, the tree will easily get sick in the rainy season, keep salt, quickly rot.


+ Advantages: cheap, light, good moisturizing, airy, less pathogens, clean, perishable, keeps fertilizer, spread roots are quite preferred.

+ Disadvantages: white mold can easily spread if the environment is not good, keep salt

Honeycomb charcoal burned:

+ Advantages: cheap, good moisturizing, airy, long spoilage

+ Disadvantages: the coal slag itself contains a lot of salt that is easy to heat the roots of the orchid, easy to grow moss, the material is too crumbly to make the roots squash, the roots of the orchid are not very good, heavy.

+ Note: soak the salt thoroughly before planting and must discharge salt monthly.

Volcanic rock: (lava rock)

+ Advantages: easy to absorb water, not rotten, airy, not too heavy, good moisturizing, no pathogens

+ Disadvantages: easy to accumulate salt, lozenges like to reside in this

Pumice rock: (Pumice rock)

+ Pros: good moisturizing, quite light, no items

Cons: Salt retention

Pumice stone: (perlite)

+ Advantages: light and water absorbent, good moisture retention, suitable for mixing growing media, suitable for species with small roots

Cons: Salt retention

Young brick:

+ Advantages: airy, good water permeability, quick drainage

Disadvantages: heavy, keeping salt, easy to moss


+ Advantages: airy, cooling roots, balance temperature in pots

Cons: Heavy, less moisturizing


+ Advantages: airy, cooling roots, providing Ca ingredients for orchids

+ Disadvantages: dry quickly, heavy


+ Advantages: airy, good moisturizing, providing Ca ingredients for orchids

+ Disadvantages: heavy, salt deposition

Peanut shell: (peanut shell)

+ Advantages: light, easy to find, popular root spread, good moisturizing, less fungus

+ Disadvantage: oily, impurities

+ Note: should soak in lemongrass before planting


+ Advantages: light, very suitable for lining the perineum or mixed to create ventilation for the growing medium

Cons: not waterproof

Rice husks:

+ Advantages: airy, good moisturizing

+ Disadvantage: easy to incubate


+ Pros: good moisturizing, light

+ Disadvantage: quick item, easy to incubate


+ Advantages: good moisture retention, providing many minerals for the plant

+ Disadvantage: easy to cause squash, easy to carry pathogens

Leca: (terracotta pellets)

+ Advantages: airy, not rotten, good moisture retention, keeping fertilizer

Cons: quite heavy, holds salt

Dry plant leaves - rotten:

+ Advantages: good moisture retention, providing nutrients for plants

+ Disadvantage: easy to incubate

Above are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular growing media. Please choose for yourself the types of substrates suitable for each type of comedy and home garden climate. Wish you own the most satisfied orchid pots.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.