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Squirrel Christmas incense: beautiful orchids, cheap

Squirrel orchid (scientific name Aerides multiflora) is an orchid of the type of Christmas flavor like Lan Tam Bao Sac or Foxtail and Cinnamon, ... If you are interested in this flower, please join the Vietnamese Bird Park. Learn carefully about the characteristics and care for flowers.

Features of the Squirrel-Scented Christmas orchid

Soc Lao is a flower not only in Laos but also found a lot in the Central Highlands of our country, India, Thailand or Cambodia, .... Why is it called Soc Lao, perhaps because it was first discovered in Laos. This flower has a stem about 20cm to 30 cm long, straight stem. When the tree is harvested and sold to a florist, it usually has about 8 to 14 green but slightly yellow leaves. The Soc Lao incense orchid grows in a sunny place with a lot of purple dots. The leaves are very thick and shiny. The leaf plates are arranged in a closed V-shape and close together from the base to the tip. The leaves are slightly curved and evenly spread, about 15cm to 30cm in length, and from 1cm to 2cm wide. The leaves are evenly large from the base to the tip, the tip of the leaf is divided into two lobes and obtuse.

The bunch of flowers of Soc Lao scent orchids is usually about 20cm to 30cm long and there are many small flowers about 2cm arranged close together. Petals are thick and fragrant. Squirrel orchid is coordinated between white and many purple dots in the flower lips and the top of the petals. It is easy to recognize that the purple of Soc Lao orchids is quite dark, besides these purple dots are thickly distributed, giving flowers a darker color when compared to other flowers of the genus Christmas incense.
The Soc Lao Squirrel orchid usually blooms in the summer between May and July and keeps its durability from 15 to 20 days. Soc Lao is an orchid that deserves to be collected because it has the cheapest price compared to other orchids of the genus Giang Huong. Besides, the tree is strong for flowers in bold color, beautiful and also very fragrant. Moreover, this flower is not difficult to grow and can be grown in many regions of our country.

Guide to growing Soc Lao
When we first buy Soc Lao Christmas orchids, we cut the dry roots, then soak the whole tree in a solution containing root stimulants like Atonik or B1 for about 2 to 3 hours before grafting. Timber used for grafting should be washed and soaked in water for 1 to 2 days before grafting. When grafting, it is necessary to place the tree with the top facing up, close to the substrate and use the most convenient ways to firmly fix the stem to the base. We can add a little bit of moss or coir near the base of the tree but not cover the base so the tree can breathe.

If you are planting in terracotta pots or wooden pots, use a large charcoal substrate. Coal also needs to be soaked in water 1 to 2 days in advance. Then, we put the orchid plants in the pot and put coal into the pot so that the tree feels firm and the base is protruding from the coal surface. Note, absolutely do not bury the stump, if it is hot or dry, you should put a few more coconut fibers on the surface of the pot, but still must be away from the stump. We just need to keep the plants moist and let the steam get around.

After planting, hang the tree in a shady place with little sunlight. Every day, water 1 to 3 times depending on whether the substrate is still wet or dry. We can check the moisture by touching the base to see moisture and cool. Florists should not water too hard, it is not good for plants. After that, every 5 days, spray Atonik or B1 stimulant once, but dilute a little more.

If the tree is newly planted but hang it in a dry place, when the weather is hot and sunny, the tree will gradually wilt and die. Based on the condition of wilting or fresh leaves to move the hanging position and watering mode accordingly.

When the tree has not rooted, it should not be fertilized but only watered and root stimulant. When the tree has rooted, we should hang the tree in a high position for ventilation, the tree is quite sun-loving and should be hung under a net cover. We can spray NPK 30-10-10 regularly weekly after flowering and maintain daily watering. But by the beginning of March of the calendar year, switch to spraying NPK with the rate of 20-20-20 or 10-30-10 per week / time and watering less than about 7 to 10 days / time. Note that the plant should be taken out to a place with a lot of light, at this time the leaves may be slightly shriveled and wrinkled a little, then wait for the plant to flower, watering the leaves will stretch again.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.