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Tam Bao Sac Orchid: Nice orchid and easy to grow

Tam Bao Sac is known as one of the orchids with outstanding beauty but easy to grow and care for. Anyone who loves beauty can not help but before the blooming flower bushes are impressive and radiating sweet scent. Join the Vietnamese Bird Park to learn about the characteristics and care of this flower.
Tam Bao Sac orchid is a kind of orchid belonging to the genus of Christmas. This orchid is one of the very popular orchids in our country. The main feature of this is that it grows well in the humid tropics like the plains of Asia, India or some parts of southern China.

Characteristics of orchids Christmas flavor Tam Bao Sac
True to their name, this orchid possesses three colors on a flower: yellow, white and purple. However, other types of orchids usually only have two colors, the Tam Bao Sac Christmas orchid has a combination of 3 colors and is gradually spread from the stamen to the pistil and down to the beautiful petals. bring a very strange and impressive beauty. This is nature's favor for this kind of flower.
Tam Bao Sac orchid is a type of orchid that has a soft body and drooping down, creating a soft look like willow. Mature trees have a maximum trunk length of 80cm and the lowest length is about 50cm. The stalk has chives, leaves longer and thinner than foxtail orchids. The leaves are dark green and drooping downwards. The Three Jewels Sac have long leaves, the leaves are arranged more sparsely, but if the leaves are short, they are arranged closer. Short leaves will be harder and thicker. This plant has multiple roots and a lot of it, giving it a very strong grip, so it can freely let go of shape but not afraid of falling.
The most beautiful time when they bloom is when they bloom. Their flowers will normally bloom in unison. Therefore, a large flower bush can own more than 10 flower clusters and they bloom together, bringing a very beautiful sight. Each flower cluster will be about 30cm long including many small flowers 3cm in diameter. The flower has a very seductive rose-like scent.

Tam Bao Sac Lan Giang, a flower that is easy to grow and care for
Tam Bao Sac is one of the single orchids that is easy to grow and is also the easiest to take care of. During rest periods, the plant will likely look slightly wilted, the leaves are wrinkled, and the plants have no roots. But when it has been grafted into the substrate and watered, the roots will appear quickly and will be very attached to the substrate. After that, the tree became green again very quickly.
Tam Bao Sac Christmas orchid tree is not too demanding on light mode. This flower grows well in positions with moderate light between 50-60%. Flowering plants grow very fast in the rainy season. Therefore, flower growers need to spray more preventive drugs, especially diseases. Besides, also need to fertilize periodically weekly to have enough nutrients plants.
Method of grafting Christmas orchid with Tam Bao Sac flavor into the substrate
Tam Bao Sac Lan Giang is usually grown and cared for on wooden platforms without necessarily growing in pots. The wooden substrates are usually longan or milky wood or solid thick bark wood.
After being purchased, we soak the tree in a solution of root stimulant for 1 to 2 hours, then transplant it into the substrate. The grafting method is also very simple, we just need to attach the tree to the substrate, besides it can also attach some more pieces of coir in a position near the base. We just need to transplant like other normal orchids. However, it should be noted that coconut fiber should not be used to seal the jackfruit into the body, making them not breathe comfortably.

How to fertilize Christmas tree Tam Bao Sac flavor
Tam Bao Sac orchids love NPK organic fertilizers at the rate of 30-10-10. Flower growers should periodically fertilize plants, especially after each flower season until the Lunar New Year. However, during the flowering period, fertilizer should be reduced gradually and watering stops to stay in the sun to stimulate flower growth.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.