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The best techniques for planting and caring for Cam Bao orchids

The flowers of Lan Cam Bao have spots like the color of the leopard, creating the name of this orchid as Lan Cam Bao. Because of the special flower color, this orchid is very popular among orchid hobbyists because of its exotic beauty. Lan Cam Bao is in the Orchidaceae family. Distributed in Southeast Asia, some countries such as China, Philippines, New Guinea. Lan Cam Bao has another name is Lan Da Bao. Morphological features: Lan Cam Bao has a single, flattened and tall about 25cm in height. Body diameter 1cm. Living conditions will cause the stalk to have different colors such as yellow or green.

The length of the leaf blade is about 25-30cm, the width of the leaf surface is 3-5cm. On the flower face there are leopard spots that make the difference and stand out to distinguish Cam Bao flower from other species. The length of the petals is about 2-3cm. The flowers of the Forbidden Leopard are usually yellow in color and have brown flower spots. The middle petals will be white with pink blooms. The flowers are beautiful in color and often grow in clusters, blooming in the spring, and are very popular. However, this orchid has the disadvantage of rapidly dying flowers, short blooming time from 10-15 days. The roots of Cam Bao orchids grow in leaf axils and between the stem. The color of the roots is white and slightly darker. Newly emerging root tips are usually greenish white or purple green.

1.1. Cam Bao orchid growing techniques

1.1.1. Selection of orchids

Standard orchids are plants that are not wet, crushed and dry. Cut leaves and crushed roots after buying from the market. Soak orchids in anti-yellowing solution, leaf waterlogging and root rot. Using Physan solution. Then hang the substrate in the shade in a cool place for 1 day before transplanting into a new substrate.

1.1.2. Select growing media

There are 2 ways to plant that is grafting on wood or growing in pots. The media used for planting are driftwood or specialized orchid pots for growing orchids. The hot pot with many air vents is the best pot for this orchid plant.

1.2. Techniques to plant leopard orchids in pots

In the bottom of the pot should be placed a small sponge. Then put up the coal pellets. Then put the seedling Lan Cam Bao in the middle and use steel wires to stabilize the tree to prevent the tree from shaking. Above the surface should add sawdust, coconut mulch or a little bit of pine mixed with manure. At the top, sprinkle a little bit of bamboo to help keep the plant moist. After planting, water and provide fertilizer for the plant to grow and develop well.

1.2.1. Technique of grafting Cam Bao orchid into wood

Use a thin layer and tie into the wood. After that, put Cam Bao orchid on the root of the plant so that it clings all to the pre-placed part. Next, add a nice layer of cover over the roots that have been tied to the wood, then water and fertilize the tree.

1.3. Care technology Lan Cam Bao

1.3.1. Light mode and temperature

Lan Cam Bao is an orchid with dry and light-loving ecological characteristics. The most suitable hot and humid temperature is about 250C. Do not let orchids be directly affected by sunlight and hot and rainy days, but rainy days to limit the adverse effects on the growth and development of the plant.

1.3.2. Fertilizer regime

Depending on the stage of plant development to have a reasonable fertilizer regime. Use slow-release fertilizers or foliar fertilizers to stimulate the roots, leaves and stems at the start of planting and new rooting. Use some chemical fertilizers to water 1 time / 2 days with the right concentration as ½ teaspoon will be dissolved in 2 liters of water.

1.3.3. Pesticides

To prevent pests and diseases, pesticides should be sprayed once every half a month. Time to spray in when it's cool or in the evening.

1.3.4. Watering mode

Lan Cam Bao needs to be watered evenly to ensure the humidity of the plants and watered in the form of a mist spray and not over watering the plants to get wet.

Watering cycle 1 time / 1 day on low temperature days. On hot days, you should water more than 3 times / day. When planting outdoor trees without a net, watering should be 3 times / day to limit the adverse effects of the rain and cause the plant to die.

Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.