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The criteria for determining the value of orchids

Orchid flower is a flower with the beauty of nobility and elegance, it is defined to evaluate the beauty and value of orchids. Did you understand all of these? If not can refer to the following article.

1. Market demand

To determine the price of orchids will be based on the needs of the market first. Often new varieties of orchids will appear very little because they are hunted by many people. The value of these orchids is great because of their hot and rare species.

2. The health of the orchid

The selection of orchids is not only based on the beauty of the plant, of the flowers, but also pays much attention to their current health. With orchids growing unhealthy, surely it will be impossible to produce beautiful flowers and their mortality is very high. Therefore, when choosing orchids, it is necessary to observe the plant carefully, to see if the orchid has signs of disease or not.

3. The size of the tree

Beautiful orchids One of the factors that determine the price of an orchid is the size of the plant. When we choose small orchids, they will thrive, but it takes a long time for them to mature. As for orchids that are of sufficient size, healthy development with green leaves, their value will often be much higher than newly cut plants.

In addition, practice is also something to note when choosing orchids. Usually 3 practitioners will be counted as a planting unit, we should choose the tops because they will be the easiest to grow, so choose orchids with as many practitioners as possible. In addition, the bud in the tree is also important, if the number of shoots is large, in the future it will develop into many trees.

4. The size of the flower

Depending on each orchid variety, there will be different flower sizes, the bigger the flower, the higher their value.

5. Floral texture

Beautiful orchids: The texture of flowers also determines the value of orchids, when they have a plump, sturdy texture and are not droopy, they are beautiful and valuable flowers. We should not choose orchids with flowers with thin, weak petals because they are easily affected by wind and will quickly die.

6. Flower strength

How long will the orchids be in bloom, days or weeks? Each species, each orchid variety will have different blooming timing characteristics, most people want to own long-lasting orchid pots.

7. The scent of flowers

Fragrance and color are two important factors when choosing orchids, flowers are beautiful but still fragrant. The more fragrant the flower scent, the higher the value of the plant, but with orchids, people prefer species with a mild fragrance rather than an unpleasant aroma.

8. Flowering pattern

Beautiful orchids: Sparks need to be thick and firm to ensure beautiful flowers. We can lift the petals from the leaf set, if the case above one flower has more than one flower, then separate them.

9. Number of flowers

When the health of the plant is guaranteed, it is certain that the number of flowers is greater, but there are orchids that show only one flower at a time. And if the orchid varieties that should have many flowers but only bloom a few flowers, you should not choose because the plant may be having health and development problems.

10. Color

Choosing orchid colors depends on each person's preferences, but we should choose species with the newest color, especially on the lips. The dull, boring colors of orchids that very few people will love.

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