The blog shares and guides knowledge about cultivation, trees, flowers, ... especially ORCHIDS

Welcome to the orchid forest of the Vietnamese Orchids Association

Over the past time, the orchid movement is developing very strongly, there are many people who are passionate about playing orchids. But do not understand how to properly care for orchids. I created this blog for the purpose:

Learn about orchids, especially the rare flowers newly discovered in Vietnam.
Promote an elegant pleasure.
To tighten the intimacy between members and friends of four huongs.
Connection between us Vietnamese and foreigners.
Instructions on how to care for the best orchid
Chamomile popular forest orchids
Appropriate drug distribution for orchids
Prevention of common diseases in orchids

In this orchid forest you can find an updated image of Vietnamese orchids in the section of Vietnamese orchids from A-Z with 174 species (Genus) and 1243 varieties (Species). In addition, there are also essays, literature, poems, music, pictures about flowers you love orchids sent.

All orchid related issues you can find at this blog. Remember to subscribe to receive new articles. And please share it if you find the article useful.

Some orchids in Vietnam
Lan tiểu hoàng đỏ, Lan thạch hộc gia lu, Lan thanh đạm, Lan sứa ba răng, Lan sớn
Lan phích Việt Nam, Lan nhục sơn trà, Lan ngọc kiện khê, Lan mật khẩu giả, Lan mật khẩu bì đúp
Lan len nỉ, Lan lá nhẵn petelot, Lan kim tuyến sapa, Lan kim tuyến, Lan huyết nhung trung
Lan hoàng thảo trinh bạch, Lan hoàng thảo thơm, Lan hoàng thảo tam đảo, Lan hoàng thảo sừng dài, Lan hoàng thảo đốm tía
Lan hoàng thảo đốm đỏ, Lan hành hiệp, Lan dáng hương quế, Lan chiểu tixier, Lan bạch manh
Lan bắp ngô ráp, Dực giác lá hình máng, Cầu điệp tixier, Cầu điệp evrard, Đơn hành hai màu
Lan hoàng thảo vạch đỏ, Lan hành averyanov, Lan hài lông, Lan hài hồng, Lan hài đài cuộn
Lan dáng hương hồng, Lan ý thảo, giacac incactida

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Stemming from passion, perseverance and hard work, after 23 years of research and research on orchid growing techniques, I have accumulated a lot of experience in propagating and cultivating forest orchids effectively.